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CURAPROX ENZYCAL T/P 75ML ; Vendor: CURAPROX ; or Split it into 4 payments of SAR ; Shipping Countires: KSA & Gulf area ; Tracking Order: Available ✓. Curaprox Enzycal toothpaste (75 ml) Extra mild Normal proportion of sodium fluoride: ppm. Double protection against caries thanks to sodium fluoride. Curaprox Enzycal PPM 75ml Toothpaste. merchant ratings. Similar Items. View All. 30 Day Return & Refund. Learn More. Shop with Confidence! CURAPROX ENZYCAL ZERO, is a uniquely developed toothpaste containing no fluoride and no mint oils: Enzycal Zero is suitable for skilled teeth cleaners and. Curaprox's newest toothpaste Enzycal can balance or even reverse the lack of minerals in early-stage caries. Through a completely natural method of.

Package: 1 x Curaprox ENZYCAL ZERO Enzymatic toothpaste without fluoride 75ml. Delivery cost. Carrier, Informations, Price. Toothpaste curaprox enzycal , 75 ml. (fluorine ppm), Enzycal, Dental, Curaprox, Biorepair, Orthodontic, Ortho, Toothpaste, Teeth, children's toothpaste. Curaprox Enzycal Toothpaste 75ml · No foaming agent SLS: gentle on the mouth · Contains enzymes: boosts natural saliva protection, promotes re-calcification. Toothpaste with a sodium fluoride content ppm. Fluoride and enzymes give double protection against cavities. Enzycal's enzymes naturally enhance the. Curaprox Enzycal Zero Fluoride Toothpaste 75ml Contains no fluoride. It's also mint-free and compatible with homeopathic treatment. Enzymes boost the natural. Curaprox Enzycal Toothpaste Zero – Tube 75 ml, Toothpaste enzycal zero. description. During homeopathic treatments and for very good cleaners. Without. Curaprox Enzycal Zero is a fluoride-free toothpaste. Provides effective protection against tooth decay. It contains a lactoperoxidase system that increases. Enzymatic toothpaste Curaprox Enzycal with fluoride - double protection against caries in dentistry. The combination of fluoride and enzymes enhances. Buy Curaprox Enzycal Zero Fluoride Toothpaste 75ml | IDIVIA - Products from the best cosmetics, beauty, perfumery and hair brands, with free delivery. Curaprox Enzycal · Normal fluoride content: ppm. · Double caries protection with sodium fluoride and enzymes to support the natural protective action of.

CURAPROX enzycal toothpaste with a fluoride content of ppm and a mild taste for children (from 6 years) and adolescents. Description: Curaprox Enzycal is a mild anticavity toothpaste containing ppm fluoride designed for daily use. Its unique SLS-free formula contains three. Curaprox Enzycal toothpaste ppm by Curaprox. Enzycal Zero paste - ideal for children from 3 years, pregnant and lactating women, with fluorosis of teeth, during homeopathic treatment. Does not distort. CUPROX ENZYCAL DENTIFIC PASTING CONTAINS PPM FLUOR, preventing the appearance of cavities. Thanks to the presence of the lactoperoxidase enzymatic. Product Description:Curaprox Enzycal Toothpaste 75Ml Perfect enhancing saliva's antibacterial and remineralizing effectcontains Lactoperoxidase enzyme. Enzycal Toothpaste offers double protection against decay thanks to sodium fluoride and enzymes – to boost the natural, protective power of your saliva. Curaprox Enzycal Zero is a fluorine-free paste. It is also mint free and compatible with homeopathic treatment. Enzymes increase your saliva's natural. Curaprox ENZYCAL ppm toothpaste · No foaming agent SLS: gentle on the mouth · Contains enzymes: boosts natural saliva protection, promotes re-calcification.

Curaprox Enzycal Toothpaste 75ml. A mild anti-caries toothpaste for everyday use with ppm sodium fluoride. Its mild SLS-free formula and lack of strong. With CURAPROX enzycal toothpaste you will achieve the maximum in dental care. The toothpaste with mild taste is enriched with the lactoperoxidase. Enzycal Curaprox is a toothpaste with Lactoperoxidase system: boosts natural saliva protection. Double protection against caries with sodium fluoride and. Enzycal contains three important enzymes to boost the body's own antibacterial saliva system: for noticeably less plaque and less tartar. Ideal for use with. Curaprox Enzycal toothpaste with lactoperoxidase enhances the natural protective actions of saliva and promotes oral health.

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