Generally mixed at the rate of oz to 1 oz per gallon of water, Bifen will dry invisible to the eye and can safely be applied to plants, turf, carpets and. Bifen IT contains % bifenthrin which is an insecticide and termiticide that provides excellent control of over 75 insect pests, leaves a long-lasting. Application Rate: Use a % dilution for subterranean termites. For other pests on the label use specific listed rates. Mixing Directions: Mix the termiticide. When you finish applying the granules make sure you use a broom and sweep the particles back onto the turf. This eliminates possible run off. Labeled for pre- and post-construction termite control, use on turf and ornamentals, and outdoor perimeter pest control · Contains 2/3 pounds of Bifenthrin per.

Bifenthrin %. Restrictions: Restricted Use in Connecticut, New York and Vermont. States Registered: AL, AR, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DC, DE, FL, GA, HI, IA, ID, IL. Everything else I tried promised to kill fire ants quickly but failed. A friend at work told me to try this stuff b/c he said it would get rid of may fire ant. Bifen IT can be used indoors and outdoors to target the labeled pests. It works to control pantry pests in homes and ornamental turf pests on lawns and athletic. Regulatory Disclaimer: Restrictions on sale or use may apply to this item. FULFILLMENT OPTION SELECTED AT CART. Fulfillment Options. select at cart. Pick-Up. Apply 1 fl. oz. per 1, square feet when using broadcast treatments. For mound drenches, dilute 1 teaspoon of Bifen I/T per gallon of water and use 1. To treat most pests with Supreme IT, you will mix up to 1 whole fluid ounce of product into 1 gallon of water to apply evenly over 1, sq. ft. of treatment. Bifen IT can be used as a preventative treatment by creating an insecticidal barrier as a spray to keep insects and various bug from getting indoors. It can. After the product is diluted in accordance with label directions for use, and/or when mixing and loading using a closed spray tank transfer system, or an in-. Professional strength insecticide/termiticide · Can be used indoors & outdoors · Labeled for pre- and post-construction termite control, use on turf & ornamentals.

Bifen I/T · Product Type: Professional · Use Sites: homes, commercial and industrial buildings, recreational areas, athletic fields, lawns and ornamentals. Bifenthrin is a good broad range insecticide. I use it for grubs in the lawn, on trees and shrubs for spiders, aphids and such, and a foundation. Labeled for pre and post-construction termite control, use on turf and ornamentals, and outdoor perimeter pest control · Contains 2/3 pounds of Bifenthrin per. BIFEN I/T - 1 QT · Used to control pests indoors/outdoors on residential, institutional, public, commercial and industrial buildings · Can be used on lawns. Use 1 oz of Bifen IT per gallon of water. For both mosquitoes and whiteflies you want to make sure you are spraying the undersides of the leaves on trees and. Bifen I/T is a professional use insecticide/termiticide that can be used to control pests indoors and outdoors on residential, institutional, public, commercial. Bifen I/T contains high concentrations of Bifenthrin to control and prevent termite and insect infestations. In addition, the product leaves a long-lasting. When you are spraying, make sure to spray the top and underside of the leaves. You will use fl. oz. per gallon of water. Read Full Answer». But for the love of everything good, don't spray it on flowering plants. Once a month during the summer I apply the XTS in all our mulch beds .

Use one ounce of Bifen insecticide for every one gallon of water. Spray it evenly over locations where pests invade homes, such as windows, water fixtures and. Discover videos related to how to use bifen it insecticide on TikTok. Memphis: AM - PM Branches: AM - PM. Copyright © Oldham Chemical Company. All rights reserved. Terms of Use. Powered by nopCommerce. Chances are if you are paying someone to treat your home for insects, this is what they are using. Do it yourself and save. Used to control pests indoors/.

Bifen I/T Liquid Insecticide: Product Review

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